This year, 2021, will be the 26th Conference of Parties – COP26. It was due take place in 2020 but due to the covid-19 pandemic this was delayed.  

COP26 is hosted by the UK, in partnership with Italy, it is due to take place in Glasgow from 1st – 12th November 2021.  

This year’s COP is of particular importance as it marks the 5th COP since the Paris Agreement – for which countries committed to reducing emissions contributing to climate change. Under the Paris Agreement, all signatories agreed to share updated plans for action to address greenhouse gas emissions every 5 years. This will be a critical meeting for members states to demonstrate progress and actionable plans to achieve reduction in emissions to ensure global temperature rises do not exceed 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels.  

To find out more about COP26, see the official COP26 website. 

Find out how to get involved with COP26 here.