Implementing climate learning as a central pillar of education

UCU recognises human activities are the greatest contributors to climate change effecting our planet’s climatic system. The impact of this are hitting hardest those who contribute the least through overconsumption and burning exacerbating levels of fossil fuels. We need the education sector to support learners to address this before the impacts are even more catastrophic.  

This webspace provides resources to support and encourage UCU members to run faculty, departmental, school or institution-wide Climate Themed Learning campaigns. We advocate for members to empower students and colleagues from all areas/disciplines to realise their role in delivering climate justice both personally and professionally, as global citizens.  

Our vision is to see sustainable development (the process for achieving climate justice) embedded as a core principle or ‘golden thread’ throughout education. By engaging with a short-term campaign or initiative such as a Climate Learning Event, we hope to see educators and operational staff inspired to further this and integrate it into their work more widely.